Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ready Steady Bang - Simplest "one tap" shooting game for Android!!!

Ready Steady Bang - A simple one tap shooting game for Android. Interface of this game will take you back to an era of 8 bit games. Looks more like a classical 8 bit game but acts faster than all of them. Ready Steady Bang is the simplest shooting game that I have ever come across for Android. All you have do is "tap", but yes you should get the timing right. Click on start and you will hear "ready", "steady" and "bang". The second you hear "bang" , the bullet should to be fired from your gun. Even if there is delay of few seconds, other guy will pull the trigger and you will die even before you realize. Best part of the game is, you don't have to worry about the aim or the ammo. It's just one enemy, one bullet and one shot. Person with fastest reflexes will win the game. Once you kill an enemy, you get to play with the next fastest bad guy.

Ready Steady Bang

Ready Steady Bang

2 player option is something cool in this game. 2 players can play using the same phone. I have not seen a shooting game with such minimalistic gameplay which is so addictive. Images put up in this post explains about the interface of the game. Kill gallery is the place where you can see all those enemies whom you have killed. It's doesn't just contain the pictures, it will show how the enemy died along with the moments. Playing this game will definitely improve your reflexes. Be the quickest and be the one who kills those fastest shooters.
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Monday, February 16, 2015

Earn Free Google Play Credit With Google Opinion Rewards

Okay, I don't know how many of you know about this. But I just wanted to let people know about a nice and easy way to earn Google Play Store credit by doing almost nothing. Few months ago, I started using Google Opinion Rewards and answered surveys every now and then. Slowly I kept earning store credit roughly between $0.10 and $0.40 per survey and I used to buy apps with that money. I haven't spent real money on apps for a long time and I've been using Google Opinion Rewards. The app is very basic. It does only one thing; ask you to answer a survey which consists of 1 or 2 questions having multiple choices (of course, there's no right answer). And you get store credit for the questions you answer. For some questions you don't get any store credit and you will be notified about that before you take the survey. For every survey you can choose whether or not to answer the question. It's a nice app that doesn't bother you by constantly asking you to answer surveys. Usually you get a survey once a week or once in two weeks. So it's no big deal.

So basically you don't really have to do much other than few taps and you get free store credit. Of course, the credit you get for answering surveys is very less, but still you'd just spend 5 seconds doing it and over time you would accumulate a good amount. Easy money, eh? :)
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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Cricket World Cup: How to Get live scores and fixtures right on the home screen!!!

Here is how you can get live scores and fixtures right on your Android home screen. You will have to follow few steps to get it done, yeah few simple steps. 

1. Download and install "Google Now" launcher from the link

2. After Installation, open it and enable the launcher OR
     Open settings->Home-->Select Google Now Launcher

3. In home screen go to the leftmost screen. Yes, this screen will be exclusively used by Google Now.

4. Open settings in Google Now by clicking on menu button in Google search bar

5. Click on customize--> sports

6. Add your favorite teams. Example: If you want to add India then search for "India Cricket Team". Likewise add all other teams.  I have added all 8 major teams

7. Go back to Google Now screen and refresh it by pulling down. 
And this is what you will see on your Google Now cards

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

5 Best Funny "Ugly Games" For Android!!!

Toilet & Bathroom Rush - Bundled with many funny toilet tasks like flushing, rolling toilet paper etc. This game can keep you entertained when you are in toilet for longer time. Install this game and stop getting frustrated in toilets :)

Fart Sound Board - Start making music out of fart. This application contains sounds of different types of farts. There are different many mini fart games like "fart piano","fart wheel","fart cushion" etc. This game proves that even fart has that "cool factor".

Underwear Guesser - Oh man!!! we have a psychic who can guess the type of underwear you are wearing right now. You just have to answer few questions and this app will guess the type of underwear you are wearing.

Fast Sperm - You might have played car race, bike race or even truck race but have you played sperm race?  "Spermie" hero need to reach the egg cell, his true love. Help him to reach without getting hit by the condoms.

Whack A Poo - It's time to play with some poo. To play you simply tap your finger on the screen to Whack the Poo when they float out from the Toilet and make sure to avoid the Flushed Dead Pets. No Toilet Paper Needed in this game!

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Fall asleep to music with Sleep Timer

There are some days where we fall asleep in a jiffy and there are other days where we just stare at the ceiling waiting to slowly drift off to sleep. For the latter, I prefer using soothing music to put me to sleep. I used to use PowerAmp that has a built-in sleep timer. But I could no longer do this when I started using Spotify extensively. And I was disappointed that Google Play Music didn't have this feature either. So I had to look for an app that does this little job for me. And along came Sleep Timer.

Sleep Timer helps you fall asleep by slowly fading out the music after a specified period of time. It has a very beautiful interface with a big timer in the middle. There are two buttons in the bottom - the Start button will just start the timer (assuming the music is already playing in the background) and the Start & Player button will start the timer and open the player too (the default music player you've configured in the Settings). Once you've started the timer, the timer gradually changes colors and you have options to either 'Stop' the timer or to 'Sleep Now' in case you want to end the music.


Sleep Timer has a nice set of features. Apart from the obvious features like waiting for the track to end, the app also has a 'Shake to Extend' functionality wherein you can shake the phone to extend the timer for certain amount of time as configured in the Settings. You can also specify actions to be performed after going to sleep. Like, going to the home screen, turning off mobile data, WiFi or bluetooth, mute notifications or even launch custom actions. The app integrates well with Tasker and supports many music players including Google Play Music, Spotify, TuneIn Radio and even YouTube.

I love this app and I use it quite regularly. It works like a charm and would definitely recommend it to those who depend on some music to fall asleep to. :)
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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Link Bubble makes your web browsing distraction-free

Consider this. You're browsing something on your Twitter client or a news reader and you see a bunch of interesting links and you want to read them. Opening each link in your browser is cumbersome because you'll have to keep shifting focus from one app to another. It's kind of messy. Even if you do open the link, you'll have to wait for the web page to load. So you'd essentially stare at a blank screen or a slowly loading web page for a while before you actually get to read the content on the page. Sounds familiar? I've been in this kind of situation so many times. And given that I have the attention span of a hummingbird, I tend to miss out some articles like this. Well, that's a bummer. If only there was a solution to this. Oh, wait. There is.

Link Bubble is a web browser that collapses a web page into a small bubble and sit on one of the edges of your screen, quietly loading the web page in the background so that you get to continue what you're doing rather than waiting for a web page to load. Here's how it works. Once you install Link Bubble and set it as the default browser, the links you click from any app will create a small bubble on your screen (similar to chat heads of Facebook Messenger that you can drag around from one edge of the screen to the other). The bubble has a progress bar that is a thin line that runs around the outer edge of the bubble and once it completes a full circle it means the web page is loaded and ready for you to view. Nice, huh? So now you don't have to open and close your browser every time you want to open a link, instead you can continue what you were doing and let Link Bubble load all the pages in the background. It also maintains a history of all the links you visited on this app so it's not like a simple throw away browser.


As you can see in the screenshots, you can drag the bubble into the left or right circle at the top. The one on the left can be set as your favorite share item (Pocket, in this case) and the right will be the sharing list like WhatsApp, Twitter, Evernote, etc.

Link Bubble is also very heavy on customization. If you take a peek at the Settings, you can set Default Apps. This is very useful. Say you find a YouTube link in your twitter feed, you wouldn't want to view it in Link Bubble. With default apps set you can directly open such links in the YouTube app, and similarly for links that open in Google Maps, Google Plus, etc. You can also set the list of apps from which you can intercept links. You can set it to auto expand when a bubble has finished loading the web page. You can even enable Incognito mode. There are plenty of other options which are available in the Pro version, like choosing a light/dark theme, enable reading mode, the "OK, Google" voice activation, etc.

If you're the kind who reads lot of web articles either through a social media client or a news reader and wouldn't want to be distracted by constant opening and closing of your web browser, then Link Bubble is perfect for you. I've been using it for quite sometime and it has saved me so much time. "Saved me time, how?", you may ask. Every time you open a web page it takes few seconds to load completely (I'm talking about average-speed mobile data connection and not high-speed WiFi). Making it load in the background Link Bubble is actually saving you some precious seconds. Open the app and you'll see the stats. Mine says it saved me 12 minutes so far. :)

While there is a free version (which allows only one bubble, ugh!) the Pro version is priced at $3.99. But if you want to see what the pro version is actually like, you'd get to enjoy it for 24 hours after you install the app the first time. My only gripe is that there is no option to search through history. You'll have to manually look through the long list of links you've visited. But otherwise, this app is A-okay!
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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

EaseUS Coolphone - Tap to cool down your over heated Android phone

EaseUS Coolphone is a fairly new application for Android. This app cools down the heated up Android phone. If you find your phone getting heated up frequently then this is the app for you. EaseUS app tracks down all the battery hogging and processor consuming apps. Just click on "Tap to Cool" and this application closes down all those running applications. It also modifies few system settings to bring down your phone's temperature. This application displays phone's temperature so that you can always keep a tab on it. Shortcut to this app will be seen in notification bar and in lock screen. Both the shortcuts looks intuitive and elegant. Along with tap to cool feature it also provides toggle buttons to quickly turn on and off system settings like WiFi, mobile data, bluetooth, flash light etc. Two beautiful widgets will be placed in home screen. First one is "tap to cool" and the other is "quick switcher". Quick switcher acts as toggle control widget. Color combination used in the app's interface goes very well with Android Lollipop theme. 

This application is developed by EaseUS who is known for Data recovery software. EaseUS Coolphone is completely free and contains no ads in it. Rooting is not required for this app. However coolphone can perform better and more thorough device cooling and battery saving functions on rooted mobile devices. Coolphone is a 2MB application that does magic to Android phone and keeps it calm and cool.
Notification Bar
Lock Screen

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