Wednesday, January 21, 2015

AcDisplay is probably the best ambient lock screen you can get for your droid

We all love lock screens and want to customize it to the best way possible since that's the first thing we see every time we unlock the phone. I was always on the lookout for good lock screens but never had a good experience since most of the lock screens out there are bloated trying to do too many things. So, if you want a very neat looking ambient lock screen which gives you just the right amount of detail, then AcDisplay is for you. Let's go into the features and see what it has up its sleeve.

Once you install AcDisplay and enable it, your lock screen would be a blank screen or just your wallpaper showing date, time and battery percentage in the middle of the screen. When you get any notification, it is shown below the time display as a notification icon. What you can do with this notification is pretty cool. Want to see what the notification is about? Just tap and hold the notification icon. Want to open the app that sent you the notification? Swipe up and you'll directly open the app. Do you prefer ignoring the notification instead? Just swipe down and you'll dismiss the notification. You will also get access to additional actions in the notification. For example, if you receive an email, you can delete the email directly from your lock screen without even having to unlock your phone. Nice, huh? Check out the screenshots.


The unlock animation is another feature that I absolutely loved! I hated lock screens that dictate which way you're supposed to swipe to unlock the device. Some want you to swipe up while some want you to swipe sideways. But with AcDisplay you can swipe in whichever direction you want and it unlocks the device for you. Another nice feature about this app is Active Mode. This basically means the device wakes up when you take it out of your pocket so you don't even have to press the power button to see the lock screen. So whether you want to see the notifications you've got or just a quick glance at the time on your phone, all you have to do is take the phone out of your pocket and your device wakes up.

The app captures all notifications that you get. However, it also allows you to blacklist apps so you need not have them show up in your lock screen when you get a notification from those apps. There's a bunch of other customizations that you can do like toggle low priority notifications (like Google Now), inactive hours, etc. AcDisplay doesn't have its own pin or pattern lock, and it sits upon the system's default lock screen. So unlocking the phone will bring up the default lock screen (if you have such security enabled, of course).

That being said, I really wanted to have the weather information shown in the notification. May be that's too much to ask for now. But the best part is, this app is open source and is available on GitHub. So the developers out there can have some fun forking this and playing around with the code.
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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

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Monday, January 19, 2015

100 "FREE" Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus premium license worth $14.99 each. Grab it now!!!

Here we are yet again to give away 100 Avast premium license for free. Avast released it's new version with great new features for Android. As part of the celebration Avast along with AndroidAndFreak is giving away 100 free licenses for Android users. Avast is redesigned and it's faster than ever (50% faster!). Avast provides improved support for Intel-based devices. Also an awesome new referral program that rewards you for spreading the word about Avast Mobile Security!


  • Antivirus Engine: Virus scanner automatically scans installed apps, memory card content and new apps upon first use. Schedule automatic scans for when you sleep. Includes SMS/file scanning for complete mobile protection, and also protect against avg spyware and removes viruses.
  • Privacy Report & Apps Manager: Provides insights about installed apps and helps you understand your apps’ access rights, intentions, and permissions.
  • SMS and Call Filter: Allows you to retain your privacy. Block numbers from those you don’t want to be able to contact you.
  • Web Shield: Blocks malware infected links, as well as trojans, adware and spyware (for safe web browsing) and even USSD numbers (which have the ability to wipe your device's memory). Also fixes mistyped URLs.
  • Network Meter: Measures incoming/outgoing data transfers.
  • Firewall (rooted devices only): Blocks hackers from getting in.
  • App Locking: Locks any two apps with a PIN/gesture (unlimited in Premium).
  • Backup: Allows backup of contacts, SMS/call logs, and photos (Premium version provides backup of music, video, and apps).

The best free cell phone tracker on the market. If you’re thinking “How can I find my Android?” you can use the cell phone locator features to find it, control it remotely, and much more.
  • Control your Android remotely via a web-based interface or SMS (to later control your device remotely, go to:
  • Locate your phone on a map using GPS tracker.
  • Lock device, activate siren, or wipe memory to keep your private data safe.
  • Get notification of a SIM card change.

★ App Locking: Locks an unlimited number of apps.
★ Ad Detector: Detects ads and provides full details of their tracking systems.
★ Password Check: Automatically locks after 3 failed attempts to unlock.
★ Geo-Fencing: Phone performs specified actions (e.g. lock, activate siren, send location) when outside the set perimeter (e.g. you go to a cafe and enable it with a 500m perimeter, so if somebody steals your phone and takes it away, it triggers your specified actions).
★ Remote SMS: Remotely send text messages from the phone.
★ Remote Data Recovery: Remotely retrieve data from the phone.
★ Remote Identification: Take picture of the thief when he/she tries to unlock it (using front or back camera, with face recognition). Record audio, with voice recognition.
★ Backup Features: Allows backup of video, audio, and apps (including settings and data for rooted phones, e.g. game progress).
★ Premium pricing (auto-renewal): $1.99 monthly, or $14.99 yearly.

How To Get Avast Premium License For Free

1 Download Avast from Google playstore : link
2 Open Avast in mobile and apply following code: AVHV29AFR5

"Avast can keep your mobile safer than you can even imagine"

Please let us know if you face any issues while applying the license code.
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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Two Arcade Games To Try On This Weekend

Microtrip is a simple physics based arcade game. Kind of endless running game but character moves downwards here. Tilt the device to control the movement of the object. This soft, plumpy, squashy jelly types creature keeps moving finding it's way out. Because of it's body nature it can slip and squeeze through the obstacles. But everytime it touches the obstacles it's life will be reduced a bit. Feed on white cells in order to recover the lost life. Remember life of the object will reduce when it comes in contact with the obstacles but it will die immediately once it collides with the monster creature. Like all other games even this game has some power up options. In this game it is present in the form of small pills. Color combination used in the game is good which in turn makes it look colorful. Definitely a great game for kids, they are going to adore this white creature. May not be a very challenging game for adults but yes it's an addictive type game.

ZoidTrip by looking at the name and the interface one can easily say this game is developed by the same guy who developed MicroTrip. Yes, both these games are developed by "madpxl & birslip". Character in the game retains the color but there is some change in the nature and shape of the body. Developer himself is not sure what this creature is. Very first line of the description in playstore says "Is it a squid? Is it a kite? Is it a triangle? We don't know. It could be anything."  A more challenging game than the earlier one. It takes a while to understand how to control this creature. This white colored triangle shaped guy moves downwards and you go to tap on the screen to change his direction. Rotate Flappy bird by 90 degrees towards right, change the color and characters you get ZoidTrip. But this game is not hard as Flappy bird nor it is frustrating. This game is fun, just that you should know how to control this creature. Once you do that you will enjoy this game. Practically it's a never ending game. Go deeper and deeper to score more and more. Background color changes every time you restart the game. It's great game for those guys who is looking out for a new challenging game in playstore.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dumpster - Recycle Bin or Trash for Android

Windows users must be very familiar with the term "recycle bin" and likewise Mac or Linux users must be familiar with the term "Trash".  For those who are not aware of both the terms, below is the definition which I picked up from Wikipedia  

"In computing, the trash (also known as the recycle bin and by other names) is temporary storage for files that have been deleted in a file manager by the user, but not yet permanently erased from the file system. Typically, a recycle bin is presented as a special file directory to the user (whether or not it is actually a single directory depends on the implementation), allowing the user to browse deleted files, undelete those that were deleted by mistake, or delete them permanently"

Now what do we call this recycle bin or trash in Android? Well, as of today Android doesn't have it's own recycle bin/trash. Meaning, there is no recycle bin /trash in vanilla Android. However you can install such applications from playstore.

One such beautiful application for Android is "Dumpster". I was browsing playstore to check out some new apps and I stumbled upon this. And I am glad that I did it. Dumpster is a simple application which acts just like a recycle bin for Android. Dumpster is a temporary storage for the files that you delete.
You can select the type of files which has to be stored in Dumpster when you delete it. Dumpster supports images, videos, audios, documents, other file(zip,rar,apk) and apps. Preserving files during deletion is pretty straight forward to understand. But I was little curious to know what "protect uninstalled apps" does and I tried it myself.  And this is how it works, you can see the uninstalled apps in Dumpster and you can re-install those deleted apps directly from Dumpster. Basically if you delete any app by mistake then you can re-install it through this application. Deleting by mistake and restoring it back statement holds good for all the above mentioned supported files.



This application doesn't require any root access. However there is an option called as "allow root access" in settings. But for some reason I couldn't enable it even if my phone is rooted. You can enable Dumpster to automatically delete the files permanently after 1 week, 1 month or 3 months. Lock screen option is available in premium version of the app. Free application does contain ads. User interface is good and very responsive but opening the app takes sometime. Time taken by Dumpster to open up should be reduced a bit. Otherwise this a great useful application for all segment of Android users.

Link to download from playstore is here
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LOCX - One Of The Best App Locker & Photo Vault For Android

LOCX is a powerful application for Android which protects other applications and private/sensitive data. LOCX comes with material design, which makes this application look beautiful and elegant. It's one among those very few app locker application which has pleasant and glitch free user interface. The two main features of this application are app locking and photo vault. Very easy to use application and needs no instructions.

LOCX will automatically detect all the installed applications. And you can lock any application through a single click. You will have to input the secret PIN or pattern to open those locked applications. Chameleon is one of the good feature which will fool those guys who tries to peek into your private data. When they try to open the locked application it shows up a fake force close or fingerprint scanner. They just can't open those locked applications unless they know the trick. Now let's think of this scenario, your friend somehow manages to break into your phone by inputting your phone's password. But you still think your private data and apps are safe because you have installed some app locker. What if he just goes and uninstalls that app locker? Yes, if that app locker is uninstalled then automatically those locked apps will get unlocked. This is where LOCX comes to your rescue. They cannot uninstall LOCX without disabling "prevent from being uninstalled" option. You will find this option in settings menu of this app. I recommend to use different PIN for phone and LOCX which will double the security of your device.


LOCX is not only an app locker, it's also a photo vault. In case if you have any pictures in your device which you don't want anyone else to see other than you then just add it to vault. Those pictures will disappear from gallery and will be view-able only through this application. There are many different themes which you can use for this application.

How LOCX is different from other app locker and photo vault

  • Material design with elegant user interface
  • Chameleon - fake fingerprint and force close to fool the hackers
  • Prevents hacking by uninstalling the app locker itself
  • Supports multiple themes
  • Absolutely free and no ads
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Monday, January 12, 2015

Take control of your sound recordings with Parrot Voice Recorder

Did you ever get frustrated with the stock Sound Recorder app that you get in your android phone, because it does nothing more than record sound? Did you feel like you wanted more options like controlling the quality, adding noise supression and such? Look no further, because with Parrot Voice Recorder you can do much more. A slick user interface and a nice set of features makes this app very easy to record sounds, play your recordings and also share them. To start with, you can select the quality preset (from low to ultra high quality involving customizations to the recording format and sample rate). You can also select a bunch of other settings, like auto pause, gain and effects like noise supression, echo cancellation, etc. I like the Auto Pause feature which when you enable, you get to adjust the minimum sound sensitivity (in percentage) and the silence time threshold (in seconds). So your singing sessions don't need you to manually pause and unpause the recording anymore; the app does it for you. You can even change the gain level manually to your liking or make it automatic. The app has other effects like noise supression and echo cancellation which makes recording sounds a breeze. The recordings have color coded calendar icons that will make it a lot more easier to find your recording. And you can also control play/pause from the notifications.


The app looks simple enough on the outside, but there's more to it in the settings. You can set alerts like vibrate/beeps when you start and/or stop recording. You can give your playback a bass boost or a volume boost and even select a reverb preset. You can choose your which microphone to use for recording and you can even select the channels between mono and stereo. And finally, you can also include your recordings in media scan. After the recording, you will be asked to save the track. There are options to choose what needs to be done after saving, that is if you want to play the recording or share it with others.

I really liked using this app for its rich set of features and clean and beautiful UI. But the one thing I feel this app lacks is widget support. A simple widget on the homescreen would have been useful. But other than that this app is really good and I definitely recommend it for users who do lot of sound recordings.
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