Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tip 4: How to install Amazon Appstore for Android on Android mobiles

As we all know Amazon has come up with a new appstore exclusively for Android mobiles. Unfortunately this appstore is not available in Google's playstore. We have to follow a different way to install the same to our Android device. Below is how we  can do it

  1. Open this link in browser. Open it in computer or in Android device.
  2. Click "Download The Amazon Appstore" button. This will download the .apk file.
  3. In you Android device, open settings-> security and enable "unknown sources- allow installation of apps from other sources" option.
  4. If .apk file is downloaded to your computer then transfer it to mobile through USB cable, Bluetooth or in which ever way convenient to you.
  5. Open file explorer, search "AmazonApps-release.apk" and click on it. This will install the Amazon appstore for Android on your device.

Amazon appstore's interface is really good. Like playstore , Amazon has also categorized apps under different sections. You might stumble upon some interesting apps which you may not have seen in playstore. Amazon appstore will have a different set of recommendations for you, so that you check some new and interesting apps which may not have surfaced in Google playstore's recommendation. They also have daily deals like free app of the day, where you can download some paid apps for free.

Enjoy and please let me know your experience with Amazon Appstore for Android.

2 Apps to protect eyes from mobile screen's Blue light

Before writing about blue light filter apps let me paste couple of lines which I read in Wikipedia about blue light. Below are those lines

"Blue-light hazard is defined as the potential for a photochemical induced retinal injury resulting from electromagnetic radiation exposure at wavelengths primarily between 400 - 500 nm. This has not been shown to occur in humans, only inconclusively in some rodent and primate studies.The mechanisms for photochemical induced retinal injury are caused by the absorption of light by photoreceptors in the eye. "

According to Wikipedia this doesn't harm human eyes, however I feel this can reduce the strain which is put on our eyes by mobile screen. It's worth trying these apps, after all if it works then it's going save our own eyes.

JBlueCut - I tried the free version of this app and it's a basic blue filter app with not much options. You can just change the mask percentage of  the filter. Increase in percentage will decrease the brightness and color of the screen turns yellowish.

Get it on Google Play

Users rating - 4.2
Size - 36k
Downloads -  10,000 - 50,000

Bluelight Filter - If you are looking for little advanced version of bluelight filter which is free then you can check out this application. Other than changing the opacity you can change the filter color . This app supports five filter colors i.e natural, yellow, brown, red and black. There are some more options in this app like "shortcut on status bar",  "turn of filter when apps are installed" and "enable filter on startup". Both the apps are very small size i.e lesser than a MB.

Get it on Google Play
red filter
Users rating - 4.4
Size - 478k
Downloads -  1,000,000 - 5,000,000

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dare you - Upload your dares/pranks and share it with everyone

Dare you is an app which motivates you to prank and dare. There are many challenges in this app which you can take up, capture it and share with everyone through this application. There are many videos by other users who has already completed their challenges. Some of the challenges are "call one of your friend and tell them you are pregnant", "slap myself 12 times", "tell your parents you stole their credit card" , "confuse (but not harm) a cat etc etc. You will need to login to this app with your email-id to use this app to full extent else you will just be able to browse the videos uploaded by others. You can also suggest new and wild challenges to other users in this app. Explore this fun app to see what challenges you can take up and what other have done.

 Couple things which would make this app a hit
  1. More users more fun. Meaning this app needs large user base.
  2. Video steaming is slow, needs improvement. 

Get it on Google Play

Users rating - 4.1
Size - 17MB
Downloads -  10,000 - 50,000

IPL 2014 official application for Android - Live streaming, scores, photos,news etc etc

Pepsi IPL 2014 is a new application in Android playstore. This app is exclusively made for  IPL 2014.There are many apps with same name in playstore. Click on "get it on playstore" at the bottom of this post to download the right app. This acts as an interface between the user and IPL official website User doesn't have to open browser and navigate to website. Instead he can just click on this app and check everything. It contains match schedule,scores, results , news, photo and videos. You can also stream  live matches through this application. While streaming, control will be navigated to your browser and match will be streamed from Of course, streaming will depend on your internet speed. However you can check news, photos, scores etc etc even with 2G internet speed. Points table will  be updated immediately in this applications. This app is developed by Trailblazer mobile Inc and its a free to download app.

Get it on Google Play

Users rating - 4.3
Size - 2.9MB
Downloads -  50,000 - 100,000

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tip 3 : How to save battery while travelling

Using mobile is the most commonly used method to kill time while travelling. We all do it while travelling but when mobile is most needed it will have no charge, because we would have used it and drained the charge completely out of it or we would have forgotten to charge our mobile before travelling. There are couple of things which actually drain out the battery. Those are mobile internet and mobile network. Avoid using internet while travelling this will save lots of battery. I would suggest you to turn off  the mobile data while travelling. By doing so, you will definitely notice the difference in usage of  battery. While travelling mobile network will not be available throughout the journey. When there is no network available, our mobile device will constantly search for network. This process will eat lots of battery. One way to stop our device from searching for network is by putting it in Airplane mode. But in this mode you will not be able to receive calls or  messages because your mobile network will be turned off.  Very very less amount of battery will be consumed by mobile when it is in Airplane mode. Try Airplane mode while travelling and let me know the difference.

PS: Music player uses very less battery. With Airplane mode, you can listen to music continuously during your journey by not draining out the battery.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Boxhopp - Keep track of things you want to move or transport

BoxHopp is a new Android application which helps you to keep track of the stuff that you want to move. This is a great app for packers and movers. Say you want to move your television from Place A to Place B and move your computer from Place B to Place A.Now you have two things packed up to move. How do you make a note of what has to be moved from Place A to B and B to A? Add a new project in BoxHopp. Capture details such as place to move,weight of item,  photo,videos ,text etc of those stuff  to be moved in BoxHopp. Once done it shows an unique number to be assigned to that box. Write that number on the box. That's it, all details about the stuff you want to move is captured in BoxHopp. You can search details about the stuff packed up in the box using the unique number written on the box using BoxHopp. This really helps to keep track of things when you have huge number of boxes to move.

Get it on Google Play

Users rating - 5
Size - 3.4MB
Downloads -  100 - 500

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Two high graphical games to try out this week!!!

Cytus is one of the top games of 2013. It's a musical oriented game and it is best experienced when you have your  earphones plugged in. Unlock more and more songs by unlocking more and more levels. Game is mainly based on two things i.e notes(bubbles) and a horizontal line. Horizontal line keeps moving up and down and bubbles keep popping up all over the screen. Tap the bubble when that horizontal line intersects it. Play with two hands to quickly clear off the levels. This game is very intuitive and it requires you to completely focus on it. Songs keeps playing while you tap the bubble. There are more than 100 songs of different genre like pop, jazz, hardcore, trance etc. It's an offer in purchase app. Graphics and game play of Cytus is just awesome. As of today 191,775 users have rated it 4.8 out of 5, which proves this a top game.

Get it on Google Play 
Users rating - 4.8
Size - 8.5MB
Downloads -  10,000 - 50,000

Injustice is a game by Warner Bros. A game about different super heroes. It is a high graphical mortal combat game. Again a free to play game with offer in app purchase. Tap on the screen to kill the enemies with different moves.Different gestures exhibits different moves. You will 4 super heroes in your team and so does your enemies. It will be a one on one fight but you can replace the fighters as and when you wish. Different super heroes has different powers through which you can defeat your enemies. It's a pretty new game and it is downloaded by 5,000,000 + users within a month. Since it's a high graphical game, chances of draining out the battery is high. Device might get heated up while you play this game. If you are a fan of mortal combat then this is the game for you.

Get it on Google Play 
Users rating - 4.5
Size - varies with device (but definitely high)
Downloads -  5,000,000 - 10,000,000