Friday, September 19, 2014

Airheads - A non stop jumping arcade game for Android

We all have played non stop running games like Temple Run, Subway surfers, Angry Granny etc. We have even got addicted to those running games. I think now it's time to move on and get addicted to something new. Today, lets explore a new non stop jumping game for Android.

Airheads is a new non stop jumping arcade game with some cool graphics and funny background music. Only thing you have to do is "jump". You jump, jump and jump to unlock the next level. Once unlocked, you jump again to unlock the subsequent level. Initial levels are easy and it just takes a minute to complete it. Going forward, levels get tougher and harder. Tap on the screen to jump and tilt the device to move left and right. Coins concept has been used in this game as well. Collect as many coins as possible. Power ups will help you to jump higher and collect more coins. For example, magnet can attract all the coins around it. There are nine different airhead characters i.e vampire, wizard, pirate etc. But you will have to unlock them to use. Airheads keeps users involved in the game. If this game is not of your types then you will not like it at the first look itself. But if you like it then you will not get bored so easily. May not be as additive as Temple run but definitely it's one of those addictive games in Android world. Score high and show up yourself on leader board. This is an in-app purchase game with ads in it. Follow Airheads or Crazy lab on Facebook or Twitter  to get free coins. You can follow them by going to store section in this game. It's a free game and contains over 100 levels, practically it's a never ending game. Size of the game is about 39 MB and I didn't face any glitches while playing this. Overall it's simple game to kill some time.


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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Radiohammer Station" a new music oriented game in playstore

Radiohammer is a new music oriented game with simple plot. Last music oriented game which I reviewed was Cytus. Game play of Radiohammer is completely different but the mission and plot remains same through out the game. You got to control a DJ, who hammers the enemies out of the screen. Every DJ will be given a type of hammer using which you will have to kick out the enemies. DJ's will continue to stand at same position through out the level and enemies rush towards the DJ. Beautiful tracks will be played as audio background which gets you into the mood to hammer the enemies. Probably this is the only game in playstore with with self-produced 1100 songs. Now, that sound great isn't it.

RadioHammer Station

Rhythm of the music depends on the difficulty level of the game. As the game gets harder the music beats faster. There are four DJ characters in this game. They are July Ann, Mac Wayne, Simply Lita and a newly added DJ Numi. Each DJ's will have some number of episodes which you will have complete in order to unlock the next DJ. Though the music keeps changing, background and characters present in each episode remains more or less same. If you don't enjoy the music then repeating scenes of this game might bore you to death. Depending on the timing, every DJ's shot is categorized as perfect, great, good, bad and miss. Every time you miss a shot, DJ's life line will decrease. An option to change the track during the game would have been awesome. Music keeps you involved in the game but you may not be able to focus on them because you got a primary job of killing enemies.

 This game has couple of achievements as claimed in playstore. Radiohammer topped the charts around the world upon its release and Radiohammer topped the music game chart at the Google playstore in 40 countries at once. Achievements sounds great but somehow I am not very convinced with the story line of the game. Player has to perform the same action of tapping on the screen with different timings. Developer coming up with such a beautiful graphics and background scores should have given some more thoughts about the story line and missions present in the game. Though this game lags in story line and missions, it has that "cool" factor in its graphics and background audio. This can be a great game for music lovers but for the rest it might be just like any other game with an animated fictitious character in it.

There are two versions of this game in playstore. One is paid and other is free. Both seems to be from different publishers. The one which I spoke about is a free version with few purchase option in the game.
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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Stock trading is a "game" when you have TradeHero but you can still "earn" from it!!!

Stock trading can be a game when you have TradeHero installed in your Android device. TradeHero lets you play fantasy trading game by providing $100k virtual currency to each user. Start building your virtual stock portfolio using this. No matter how much knowledge you have about trading , this app can entertain you irrespective of that. After all this is how you learn trading. 

TradeHero gets the real time stock information from 22 exchanges i.e NYSE, SGX, NASDAQ,PINK,AMEX , HKEX, LSE , MLSE, TSX , TSXV , AMS, BRU, PAR, LIS , ASX , NZX, SHA, SHE, JKT , KRX, KSQ and TPE. So the real trading world is mimicked for your through this application. You can use all the tips and tricks which you learn form this app in real stock trading.

Top traders will get into the leader board and others can follow these top traders. Top traders are called as "heroes" here. Following heroes can get you some useful tips for buying and selling stocks. You can opt for free following or premium following depending on your requirement. Free Following allows you to view heroes trading activities in your timeline. With premium following you can receive real-time push notifications of heroes trading activities. Definitely these information play a vital role in buying and selling stocks. Leader board and list of followers can be found in social section of this application. Also there is an in-app store to buy virtual dollars,follow credits and stock alerts. Optionally you can share your activities on Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn.

Now, what's in it for the heroes? Heroes can make handsome amount of money from every follower who follows their activity. A share of amount paid by the follower will be given to the heroes.
Transactions are done through Paypal or Alipay. Earnings are directly proportional to the number of followers you have. So heroes concept works on simple rule "get more followers, get more money".

Click here to download TradeHero from playstore.
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Monday, September 8, 2014

Keeper - Secure and manage passwords and private information!!!

Keeper the world’s most downloaded password security application for storing, accessing and safeguarding passwords and personal information. Founded in 2009 by CEO Darren Guccione and CTO Craig Lurey. Keeper Security is a privately-held company that is based in Chicago, Illinois with engineering offices in Folsom, California. Keeper is SOC certified and utilizes world-class encryption to safeguard its users. Keeper is available on all major Smartphones, Tablets and Computers – covering iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, PC, BlackBerry, Kindle and Windows Phone. Keeper is published in 16 languages covering over 80 countries worldwide. With over 50,000 5-star reviews in the app stores, Keeper has one of the highest product rankings by consumers.

Set master password for Keeper and secure all your other passwords. Not only passwords , you can also secure files using this. If you think no one should access your files which is confidential then add it to Keeper. These files will be encrypted and uploaded to Keeper vault. Sync and access these files from any device of yours. Adding files to Keeper can't be easier than this. Create a record, give suitable title, add appropriate description and upload the files. You will have to go through Keeper authentication again in order to download these files back to your device. Keeper uses 256-bit AES encryption method to protect the files.

Recently Keeper launched a new feature called "FastFill". With FastFill, Android users can auto-fill their login credentials across all mobile apps and browsers on their smartphones and tablets. You can enable this option in settings menu of this app. Click on Keeper button in your browser to auto fill the credentials. There is also powerful feature in this application, 5 login attempts will erase all locally stored Keeper files. This feature can be optionally enabled or disabled. You can add two factor authentication method to this using Google Authenticator as well. Read more about Google Authenticator here. Keeper comes with default "green" colored theme but you can change it from the list of available themes in settings menu. Below are couple of  beautiful themes that I tried.

Red Maze

Overall, Keeper is a powerful application to manage passwords and files securely and safely. 

Check out below videos to know more about Keeper.

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

How to edit /etc/hosts and block websites and ads in Android phone

Hosts Editor is a beautiful and powerful Android application which allows you to edit /etc/hosts file in Android. Host Editor requires root privileges, so it works only on rooted Android phones. Unwanted sites and ads can be blocked by editing /etc/hosts file. If you have less or no knowledge about /etc/hosts file then don't worry. Probably that's not required to block websites or ads in Android phone.But, if you would like to know what exactly you are doing then read about "/etc/hosts" and "localhost".

Below is how you can do it.

1. Root your Android phone. There are many ways to do it and process differs from phone to phone.Refer some online tutorial to do it. Intention of this post is to block sites and ads, so I am not talking rooting the phone.

2. Install "Hosts Editor" from playstore using the link -

3. Open Hosts Editor application in Android phone.

4. Click on '+' mark to add an entry

5. In IP Adress field add "" and in Hostname field add the name of the website which you want to block. For ex - "", ""

6. Click on "Add Hostname" option and you will see this entry in /etc/hosts.

7. Restart your phone.

8. Open your browser and enter the name of the website you just blocked, BOOM!!! "webpage is not available"!!!.

Note: You can unblock the website by removing the entry from /etc/hosts files.
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Mr. Silent - automatically puts phone in silent mode based on contacts,location,time and events

Mr. Silent is a new free application by Biztech Consultancy for Android. This application automatically puts our phone in silent mode depending on certain condition. There are some rumours that similar kind of feature will available in Android L. But until then we can use this application to put our phone in silent mode based on some triggers. There are four modules depending on which phone will be put in silent mode.

Time Slot: You can add ‘Start Time’ and ‘End Time’ during which you want your mobile go silent. It can be repeated on daily, weekly and monthly basis including customized options.

Events: Events are imported from calendar and you choose any of those events from the list. This is more like the above module time slot, just that events are imported from calendar. And there is no option to add new events like birthdays, marriage anniversary etc etc directly through this app.

Contacts: You can categorize your contact details into ’white List’ and ‘black List’, in which white list will define contacts important to you and black list comprises those contacts you would like to avoid. Once you have done this setting, your mobile will go to silent mode when it receives calls from black listed contacts. Though you can block calls from specific numbers using call filters bu this seems to be a graceful way to do it.

Location:You can select multiple locations where you want to set your mobile to go silent and can also enable or disable the locations anytime.

Interface with orange background and white fonts on it looks very simple and pleasant. But an option to change the theme would have been a good feature. Also sometimes we want our phones to be in vibration mode rather than in silent mode, which purely depends on the situation. An option to put phones in vibration mode would also have been a good feature to this application. You can learn more about this application and how to use it by opening the menu option in this app. Just slide towards right to open the menu. Overall Mr.Silent is an useful utility.
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Monday, September 1, 2014

Greenify - Analyse the apps running in background and hibernate it !!!

Greenify is one of the top rooted phone app. It is still featured as top 1 app in many websites for rooted Android phones. By the way, non-rooted users don't close this window, Greenify has some happy news for you. Now Greenify is available for non-rooted phones as well. But your Android version should be 4.1 or higher.

There are many applications which keeps running in background. These applications running in background eats up the battery and memory which in turn hampers the performance of your device. One solution for this is to uninstall all the apps and get your phone back to the state how it was when you bought it. But that's an idiotic way to do it. Other solution to that problem is "Greenify". If you think your phone is getting slower day by day then it's the right time to install Greenify. This application analyses your phone and lists all the application which runs in background. You may not be aware that these memory hogging applications are running in background. All you know is your phone is getting slower. But Greenify will catch these culprits and notify you about the same. Once you get the list of applications you can put them into hibernation mode. Now don't break your head to find out what hibernation mode is. In simple language, hibernated apps will not run unless you purposely open it. Once you open hibernated apps it starts running like a normal app pretending it wasn't hibernated at all.

Like I said if you have Greenify you do not have to uninstall or completely disable the applications which is slowing your device. Hibernate it instead. But be careful while hibernating  some crucial apps like alarm clock, messenger, push services etc. Only in case if you are very sure that you are not using them then go ahead and hibernate it. 

Click here to install Greenify from playstore. In case if you are not able to install it from playstore then use this linkYou can report bugs in XDA forum ( or in G+ community (
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