Friday, July 25, 2014

Check out this 94 seconds quiz game!!!

Probably this is the smallest game I have played with respect to time. And yes, it is a quiz game. Quiz here is little different from other regular quiz games. This is more or less like a guess the word game. Some of the example questions are,guess the countries starting with "u", food starting with "k", tool starting with "p" and so on. First letter will be given and you will have to guess rest of the word. Answer as many questions as possible in given 94 seconds. Questions can have multiple answers as well. 4 different types of hints are present. Hints are actually called as "joker" in this game. There is a pause button which is one of those jokers, but that doesn't actually pause the game instead it will show next 10 questions for few seconds. There are two modes other than this 94 seconds mode i.e relax mode and challenge mode. Questions from more categories like kitchen, fashion, daily life etc can be added using the coins. Else upgrade the to premium and unlock all  the categories and get rid of the ads.

I am not sure how answers are validated for questions with multiple answers. Probably we need developer to comment on this. 94 seconds has clutter free and colorful interface. App size is about 48 MB and it's rating in playstore is 4.4. Free app contains ads in it. If you are looking for a quick game then this is the one for you. Probably this is the quickest game ever.

Click here to download this game.

Couple of times I got this crash, I am putting up this image for 
developers reference

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fresh Deck Poker - Cross Platform Poker Game

Would you like to play poker in your Android device and then continue the game in Facebook or any other Android device? Then this the game for you. Fresh deck is a cross platform poker game which is available for Android, iPhone and Facebook. Interface of the game pleasant and clutter free. You will be given some amount of chips at the beginning of the game and then you can increase it by winning the games,by collecting the daily bonus or by spinning the wheels. You can also buy chips but prices seems to be little on higher side. Login through Facebook and play with your friends and show yourself on leaderboard. Option to chat while playing is a nice feature to have. Developer has provided an option to take screenshots while playing the game. But if you are using Android device then you can anyways take the screenshots using the hardware buttons. You will need internet on your phone to play this game. 

Description of the game claims "we are the ONLY social poker game to have its random number generator certified by GLI, the company that certifies all real money gaming machines like Vegas slot machines and state lottery machines. Play with 100% confidence that at Fresh Deck Poker, every single hand is dealt fairly. You can even check out our certification here:". 
This game is downloaded by 1,000,000 + users and it has 4.5 rating in playstore. I am not good at poker so it will not be fair on my part to comment about the game. But as far as the interface, feature and performance is concerned this is definitely a good game to try out. I let you to try out and comment about game. It's definitely a must try game for all poker lovers. 

Click here to download the game for Android devices.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Create your own Android avatar/logo using Androidify!!!

Initially when I downloaded this application I wondered why Google has developed such a simple app. I didn't know what to do with it and it looked very childish to dress up an android and make it look aggressive or beautiful. But then I got this idea, how about creating a logo for my Android website using this application. Then I slowly learnt people can do hell lot things using this application like using it as profile picture, logo, android avatar's on web etc. And download number of this application gave me a shock of lifetime. Androidify is downloaded by 10,000,000+ users around the world. There is nothing much to explain about this application it's more or less like dressing up a barbie doll game. It's upto you, how innovatively you are going use it. Created Android's can be shared with your friends or can be saved in gallery. To save it, click share and then select gallery option in that. If you are planning to create a picture or logo with android in it then this is the application for you. Click here to download this application.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

It's time to hunt down the dinosaurs - Dino Hunter game

As you all know there are not many hunting games in playstore. The last best hunting game that I played was Deer hunter developed by Glu. Now again Glu has come up with all new hunting game called Dino Hunter. This game is more or less similar to the old deer hunting game. Only difference in the plot is, you will have to hunt down dinosaurs instead of deer. This 47MB game provides a great hunting experience. Getting to know the names of  extinct dinosaurs is an added advantage of playing this game. In every level you will have to hunt down some dinosaur. Each level has a different task to achieve. In some level you will have to kill a specific dinosaur and in some you will have to kill it with specific shot. Like all other shooting games, weapons can be bought and upgraded. Choose the contract/task in the map and complete it. I liked the zooming feature of this game. Only with few types of guns you can zoom and shoot the dino's but that's something which is enjoyable. First shot will alert the dino's and it will start attacking you, kill it before it kills you. Reloading speed of the gun has to be increased a bit by the developer. Reason being while dino's attack, this hunter guy never finishes reloading his gun and that tends to kill him. Though this game is released after deer hunting game and also considering the fact that both the games are developed by same developers, this game should have been better than the older one.This game is good but it should have been lot better than what it is. Somehow I still feel Deer hunter is the best hunting game of all time and this comes next to it. 

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

An app to laugh out louder !!! (Free download - limited time offer, hurry up!!!)

Lately you might be noticing your friends sharing pictures from 9GAG on Facebook and Whatsapp. If you are not aware what 9GAG is, then it's a website where you will find lots of funny pictures, memes and GIF's. These pictures are shared by different people from different part of the world. 9GAG has released it's official Android app in playstore. Now you can check all funny stuff directly in this app instead of navigating to their Facebook page or website. Users are allowed to upload their own funny stuff through this application. Pictures can be shared from this app to friends through whatsapp or any other messaging application. But just the link of that picture will be shared instead of actual picture. Sharing the picture directly instead of links is one good feature that 9GAG should consider in their next update. This app is about 3 MB and first line of the description says "download now and save $1.99". This might be converted into a paid app in sometime, so download it ASAP. 9GAG is great app to LOL and ROFL. Download, laugh and share it with friends.

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

How to generate Memes using an Android application

Memeful is a memes generating applications. This 2.6MB application has lots of memes templates which can be used to generate memes. For people who don't know what memes are then here is the definition "an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations."   Lately you might seeing lots of pictures with humorous text in it on Facebook and Whatsapp. With this application you can generate your own memes and share it with friends. Select you template and some humorous text to it, that's it, your meme is ready. There are lots of pictures present in this app which can be used.You can also add pictures from your gallery and generate memes using it. 

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Two Android applications to sharpen your brain!!!

Lumosity is a brain training application by Lumos lab. This application has different types of games which needs us to make complete use of our brain. Every game will train our brain in one or the other way. Different types of games which trains our brain are chalkboard challenge, ebb and flow, lost in migration, memory matrix and speed match. Some of those are free and rest are paid. Paid games seems to be very expensive. My gut feel is developer has to cut down the prices to reach more users. One time registration is required to use this application. There is a section called "your brain" in which your brain will be rated after playing those training games. Overall rating will be given and along with that separate rating will be given for speed, memory, attention, flexibility and problem solving. Reviews in playstore says more games needs to be added and even I feel the same. Size of the game is about 39MB and there are no ads. Overall it's a good useful app to try out.

QuizUp is a great quizzing application which allows users to play quiz against the people from around the world. This quizzing app is not confined to one particular topic. There are so many topics like books, movies, sports, games, science,nature, history, geography, fifa etc. Each topics has many sub topics in it. You can choose the topic of your interest and start answering the questions.It will take couple of seconds to find an opponent. Same question will be asked for both the players. And it will be multiple choice questions. Each question will have some time limit and person who answers first will get more points. Certain number of questions will be asked for the both players and winner will be decided on the points. You can play again with same opponent using challenge option. There is also an option to challenge your own friends. It's really cool to play quiz with people from different parts of the world. It's amazing how this application connects different players and allows them to compete with each other.

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