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Top Android games which I have played and enjoyed so far

Top Android games which I have played and enjoyed so far

Below are the list of android games which I have played and enjoyed so far. I will update the list as and when I like new games. I have been using Android since 2010 and this list is as on 20/07/2013.Its not a sorted list.

Here we go

1)Temple Run - I have played this game like a mad guy for months. You just have to run,run and run. Amazing to see such a nice game with such a simple plot and rule. Control on the device and your finger matters a lot here.Definitely one of the best game so far.

2)Stick Cricket - Amazing but really a tough game until you get a sheer timing and control  on your shots.You can only bat but not bowl but batting is more than enough to enjoy this game.


3)Cut The Rope - There are different versions of this games. Its  based on physics and fantastically developed. Candies will be hanging in the rope. You have the cut those ropes and feed those candies to the animal sitting there. More and more equipments and obstacles comes into picture as you go to higher level.

4)Quento - I have written about this game here ->

5)Slice It  - A game with simplest interface. Cut the geometrical figures into equal number of pieces.Number of cuts and pieces varies with level and its gets tougher.

6)Contract Killer  - I have written about Contract killer 2 here

7)Word Search  - This game is going to eat all your time in the world. As you see in the below image letters will messed up all over the screen and you will have to find the words listed below.Sometimes its frustrating when you don't get word you are searching for but when you give a break and try later,you will find it. Caution - might screw up your eyes.

8)Fruit Slice  - Fruits will be thrown up continuously and you will have to slice it with your knife.I like the sound when you slice the fruits and when its color splashes on the board. Mind you, bombs will be thrown along with the fruits , you slice one bomb and you are out.

9)Angry Birds   - A famous game of all time. No description needed for this I believe.

10)Unblock Me Free  - Old game but still a good one which I used to play in my old mobile. Rules are simple, you just have to move all yellow tiles from red tiles way  and get the red tile out of the box.

11)aTilt 3D Labyrinth - I played this as soon as I brought my first Android mobile in 2010.This is an accelerator based maze game where you have to roll the ball by tilting your device and by avoiding the obstacles and holes to reach the spiraled destination hole. One of the amazing game back then. You will enjoy it even now if you have not played it anytime.

Suggest me your favorite games. I will try it and update it here if I like it.

Worst and boring games list is here ->
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  1. very nice post..even i played some of the games and will try rest one...

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  2. Try Boost 2 - Lite. One hell of a game, dude!