Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Foap - Make some money with your photos

Foap - Make some money with your photos

Take a picture, upload it, some one see it, likes it and buys it. They pay some dollars to Foap and Foap pays some dollars to you. And that's how Foap works and that's how you  make money from the pictures you have captured. This is an excellent application for those photographers who are looking to make some money. There are some basic rule  that you have to follow to sell your picture on Foap. You can upload an edited image or a plane image. But it has to go through a review process before it gets published on the site. Once you upload your picture ,you have to rate 5 pictures uploaded by others. After that your picture gets into a review process and others will rate your pictures immediately. You will have to get atleast 2.5 stars out of 5  to get approved in review process. Then your picture will be published and put for sale. This picture can be bought by an individual or an organisation and it can be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes. They pay $10 to Foap and Foap keeps $5 to itself as brokerage and pays you remaining $5.  So, basically you  will earn $5 for every picture you sell on Faop. And the amount will be transferred through PayPal.

There are two tabs in Foap. In market tab you will see latest sold, top rated, explore and mission. In mission tab you can check out what kind of picture currently an origination is looking for. These organisation have tie up with Foap and they post their requirement in mission tab. When I checked this was the requirement by Sony entertainment network - "photos of people moved by their favorite TV shows. Tears , hysterical laughter or being scared out of their skin ,whatever they're watching , emotion is key ".  305 photos were uploaded for this mission. Similarly there were many requirements by many different companies.

Profile management and status of your photos can be checked in the second tab on the main menu, that is me tab. You can also follow and get followed by people. Click on the camera symbol in between the market and me tab to upload the picture.

Foap was released  in 2012 for iPhone and now they have entered into Android market. That implies this application is definitely making some profit along with the users. This is must try application for enthusiastic photographers.
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