Monday, October 14, 2013

Customizing Android Home Screen Is An Art 8 - Red & Blue

Customizing Android Home Screen Is An Art 8 - Red & Blue

In today's "Customizing Android Home Screen Is An Art" post  I will explain how to make Android home screen to look like below. Intention of this post is not only to tell how to make it look like below instead it is to let you know about the apps which can be used to customize the screen and give it a mesmerizing look. I call this theme as "Red & Blue"

How To Do It

Tools required

  • Nova launcher (or you can use your favorite launcher).
  • Desktop Visualizer
  • Chronus - Home and Lock widget
  • Stamped Red Icons
  • Stamped Blue Icons
  • Widgetsoid
  • Below Red & Blue wallpaper

  1. Set Nova as your launcher.
  2. Set downloaded Red & Blue image as wallpaper.
  3. Menu -> Nova settings -> Dock -> disable dock.
  4. Menu -> Nova settings -> Desktop -> Desktop Grid = 5x5. Set it appropriately to your phone.
  5. Menu -> Nova settings -> Look and feel -> Uncheck notification bar.
  6. Click and hold  the home screen - > widgets ->
  7. Select Chronus. In clock and alarms section change font color and alarm font color to  blue.Then in weather panel change font color and time stamp font color to blue.Click okay. If you don't need weather details then you can resize the widget in home screen and remove it off.
  8. Repeat step 6 and add 1x1 desktop visualizer. Select icon -> others -> stamped blue, select required icons and action. Click okay.  Similarly add 3 more blue and 4 red icons.
  9. Repeat step 6 and add widgetsoid 4x1 switcher. Add toggles which you need. Go to themes uncheck "separation" , "show label". Change icon color, indicator color and background color.
  10. Now place all the widgets in appropriate position and resize if required.
  11. BOOM!!!  Red and Blue theme is ready.

Thanks and Enjoy Customizing.
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