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Themer - A colorful and mesmerizing launcher (home screens) by Mycolorscreen

Themer - A colorful and mesmerizing launcher (home screens) by Mycolorscreen

Themer is a launcher application developed by Mycolorscreen. Before checking what Themer is, you definitely need to know what Mycolorscreen is. People spend months together customizing and beautifying their home screen. And then they uploaded those unbelievable home screen to Mycolorscreen website along with the steps how to do it. As of today there are ~50,000 home screens uploaded in Mycolorscreen  and count is increasing exponentially. Have a quick look at their website here. Though screens are mesmerizing and unbelievable, converting our home screen by following those instruction is really a tedious and painful process. Believe me I have tried changing my home screen by following those instruction and it took very long time and most of the times I have given up saying I just can't do this. And also some apps used by those uploader are paid and probably we may not like spending money for those apps even if we want our home screen to look like those in Mycolorscreen. There is no fun in browsing those screens and giving up saying I just can't do this , isn't it?

Mycolorscreen wanted to fix this problem from very long time and finally they came up with this beautiful application called Themer. This application is still in beta stage and is available only for few devices. In order to use this application you will have to request an invite from Mycolorscreen. You can request the invite through Mycolorscreen website or you can request it through the app after downloading it. Mycolorscreen will send the code through mail in a day or two. Once you receive the code you are all set to play around with Themer. Mycolorscreen has picked up all beautiful screen uploaded in their website and they have integrated those in this application. With Themer you don't have to spend time or break your head to customize your screen. Just one click will convert the boring home screen to one awesome home screen. You can browse through loads of homescreens and if you want your home screen to look like that then just click apply. Themes will be downloaded and applied to your phone in no time. Some themes will have one screen and some will have more. In most of the themes you are allowed to modify and add shorcuts to your favorite applications. Isn't this an amazing application? which gives a mesmerizing look to homescreen in just one click.

Only problem I saw is, notification bar will not be available on home screen. This might be little difficult to those people who are used to Android notification bar. Themer is just in beta stage and we can expect more smoother interface and  beautiful themes when its available for everyone in playstore.

Users rating - 3.8 out of 5
A&F rating - 4 out of 5

Below are some of the themes which I tried on Samsung Galaxy Note II

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