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Aviate - Unique, beautiful and intelligent homescreen launcher for Android

Aviate - Unique, beautiful and intelligent homescreen launcher for Android

Aviate - is an unique,beautiful  and intelligent homescreen launcher. This launcher is very different from all other famous launchers like ADW, Nova , Go launcher etc.  Aviate is very intuitive and one of its kind. Aviate is still in beta stage and you need to request an invite from the people who are using it or register yourself through the app and wait for the code to use it. Once you get the code, you can set Aviate as your home screen launcher. With looks similar to Google Now, Aviate looks very elegant and pleasant to eyes.

There are three beautiful home screens in Aviate. Lets look into it one by one

Screen 1 - This is the main screen of Aviate.

Time and date is displayed at the top, wallpaper in the middle and  favorite apps at the bottom. These list of favorite apps and wallpaper can be modified. Sliding down the screen will display alarm and button to enable "do not disturb" mode i.e quick button to put phone in silent mode in one card and weather details in another card. Basically different widgets are displayed in different cards like it is done in Google now. Clicking and holding on the screen will provide an option to add more widgets to this screen.

Now lets talk about the best part of Aviate.  Morning a certain set of apps like mails, weather details etc will be shown in this screen. When you are at work different set of apps will be shown. Likewise while going somewhere and at night different set of apps will be show. Aviate as intelligence to determine your activities and show the list of related apps. This worked fine for me but I didn't really verify it to ensure its 100% accurate. I will leave that job for you guys.  Also if you are out at some place then Aviate will display the pics, tips and rating of those place and it provides option to post and checkin those places right from the home screen. You can also slide to right and see the list of activities and change it accordingly.  There are two themes i.e light theme and dark theme. Themes can be changed in settings by sliding the first screen to the right. Apps list for each activity can be configured.

Screen 2 - Second screen of Aviate

Aviate auto categories the apps and display it accordingly for the ease of use. This list is displayed under the heading "collections". Categories of apps to be displayed can be changed in settings menu of the same screen and also the list of apps for each category can be modified by dragging the icon from third screen. Examples of some categories are social, music, games, home, cooking, news etc. Below is how it looks with dark theme.

Screen 3 - Final and last screen of Aviate

This displays all the apps present in your device in alphabetical order. Basically there is no app drawer in this launcher. Listing of apps in alphabetical order reduces the time for searching and accessing the apps. Apps are displayed in a list view instead of the regular Android grid view.

Final verdict and few quick points

  1. Unique homescreen launcher
  2. No app drawer. Apps are displayed in the home screen itself.
  3. Auto categorization of apps. But categorization is not 100% accurate yet.
  4. Still in beta stage and requires an invite code to use this.
  5. User Interface looks very pleasant and elegant.
  6. No glitches during home screen transition or while accessing apps.
  7. Based on users activity a certain set of apps related to that activity will be displayed in homescreen.
Users rating - 4.3
A&F rating - 4.7
Size - 3.8 MB
Downloads - 100,000+
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