Thursday, June 12, 2014

FIFA 14 by EA Sports- Best FIFA game ever for Android!!!

FIFA 14 by EA Sports- Best FIFA game ever for Android!!!

FIFA 14 by EA sports is the best FIFA game ever. EA developers are the real heroes of gaming world. They develop top notch games with great  gameplay and high quality. Real Racing 3  by EA is the best car racing game and now we have FIFA 14 for all football fans. While enjoying Football world cup 2014 , lets have more fun by playing football in our own powerful Android devices. Size of this game is about 1.3 GB, implies it's a high graphical game and  you need at least dual core processor. Gameplay is so awesome that cannot be explained rather it has to be experienced. There are different tournaments you can play and you can choose your team too. Some tournaments are paid and it requires  login. But "match of the week" is completely free. Every week some small amount of data will be downloaded and new matches for that week will be available. It will take some time for you to get hold of the game controls, reason being there are different buttons like "shoot", "sprint", "slide" , "throw", "pass" etc and also a direction controlling slider on the left. Depending on the situation some button will switch to different action. For example when ball is in your control "shoot" button will be available but when ball is taken by opponent same button will switch over to "slide".  Once you get to know how to use this control, I bet you will not sleep for two days instead you will be playing FIFA for whole night.

Common question which pops out while talking about football game is "how to control all 11 players" ? Answer is very simple "You don't have to". Control one player at a time. A pointer will indicate whom you are controlling at that point of time. Once ball moves away from that player automatically controls shifts to different player who is closer to ball. However you can manually change the control of the players by clicking on whom you want to control. Happiness is seeing replay of the goal you scored. Replay is no different from what you see on television. Game duration is configurable. Different customization can be done such as injuries on/off, offsides, bookings, handballs, control camera height and style, player names, enable commentry, music etc.  Background music is at it's best in this game. Lots of beautiful tracks will played to keep your gaming mood on.

I have been testing this game on my Samsung Galaxy Note from couple of weeks and I have not come across any glitch or lag. Usually we can feel heat generating from device while playing such high graphical games. This one does as well, but it's negligible. Very little heat will be generated. Battery utilization is good too. It does eat battery but will not drain it out.

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